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Precision Supplements SixPack2 for Women

Precision Supplements SixPack2 for Women is a fitness supplement that is advertised as being able to help to convert flab into “lean, sexy, toned muscles”. It is a formula that is meant to be used during the daytime and the claims from the official website are that it will help women to be able to achieve the fit and attractive body that they’ve always sought. This product can be used on its own or in conjunction with the night time formula.

The Precision Supplements SixPack2 for women is supposed to be able to function as a fitness supplement by reducing cortisol (thereby preventing abdominal fat storage and supports lean muscle maintenance), burning fat (by increasing the fat oxidation rate, breaking down body fat, activating brown fat tissue and increasing the metabolism), boosting the metabolic rate (to promote thermogenesis, boost the chemical processes of the body and raise calorie burning potential), increase energy levels (to make sure fatigue doesn’t take over, to boost cognitive function and mental focus and to avoid the overstimulation of the central nervous system) and blood sugar level balancing (which moderates the appetite, controls cravings for carbs and decreases the conversion of blood glucose into body fat).

The official webpage for Precision Supplements SixPack2 for Women on the manufacturer’s website does not provide a full list of ingredients. That said, it does talk about specific ingredients that can therefore be assumed to be a part of the complete formula. The ingredients mentioned on the official website include: guarana seed extract, salvia leaf, magnolia bark, ashwagnadha leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, cayenne, banaba leaf extract, and yerba mate leaf.

Upon seeing this list, it becomes very clear why this is a daytime formula and what the foundation for this product happens to be. This is because many of these ingredients contain stimulants, some quite powerful. Therefore, if it were taken too late in the day, it could potentially cause sleep disruption. That said, it should still be noted that these ingredients run the risk of causing side effects among many users.

According to the directions for this fitness supplement, two capsules should be taken with breakfast and another two should be taken with dinner. That said, it does recommend that the second dose be switched to lunchtime if sleep struggles result from its use at dinnertime.

Due to the stimulants contained in Precision Supplements SixPack2 for Women, it is recommended that a doctor be consulted before starting its use.

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