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3 Effective Ways Men Can Cut Down on Back Pain at the Gym and in Life

Back pain can make everything in life seem a lot harder than it really is. There are a number of different places that can be the source of back pain for guys. While some are obvious, others are not.

In order to help to reduce the occurrence of back pain and the discomfort it brings, use some of these methods to identify the sources and overcome them. More often than not, it's a matter of changing something small.

Your first efforts should start at the gym. The reason is that your workout is one of the most common places for injuries and strains to occur. This makes your workout one of the most common sources of back pain, too.

The next time you go to the gym, consider placing a bigger focus on boosting the strength and flexibility of your core and back. Inadequate flexibility and strength in these areas is easily the top reason for back pain associated with a gym workout. By focusing on building healthy and strong muscle, pain is far less likely.

Among the top mistakes men make in this area is to focus too heavily on trying to build size and strength without also paying attention to flexibility. Without adding flexibility, it makes it more difficult for a strong muscle to also be relaxed. This increases the odds of injury and, therefore, pain.

At the same time, it's also important to remember that you need to move intelligently while doing a cardio workout. When using a machine, especially something like a stair climber or elliptical, there is a tendency to lean forward on the front handlebar. Avoid doing this. By leaning over the front handlebar, not only is the full cardio potential of the workout reduced, but this posture also adds strain to the spine. That can be very painful, especially when done for an extended period of time or over several workouts.

Instead, while using these machines, keep your shoulders back and your arms at your sides while standing tall. This will take the strain off your spine and will give your core a better workout at the same.

By paying attention in these areas, you'll cut back on the strain you're adding to your back at the gym. In this way, the odds of back pain in other areas of your life will also be reduced. By building a healthy, strong core and back you'll also reduce your risk of hurting yourself while going about your schedule each day.

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