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Men Should Stop Doing the American Kettlebell Swing in Their Workouts

There are always specific kinds of exercises, like the American Kettlebell Swing, that become popular for one reason or another. Lately, it can seem that every man you see at the gym has incorporated that move into his workout. However, now that it appears to be ubiquitous in gyms, personal trainers are begging everyone to stop.

Why Cut Out the American Kettlebell Swing?

It's not entirely clear why the American Kettlebell Swing took off the way it did. It's just one of those things that happens among moves and exercises at the gym. That said, doctors and personal trainers are hoping to reverse this trend before it does any more damage.

The reason is that while most exercises are added to a workout in order to use the body's natural motions, use muscles and joints in a way that will help to move you toward your fitness goals, and keep you safe from injury, the American Kettlebell Swing does not do those things.

This Exercise Can Hurt You

Instead, the American Kettlebell Swing was poorly designed, does not work with your body's natural motions and places you at a specific risk of injury. Indeed, some other types of kettlebell workout swing also come with a potential injury risk, especially if done wrong, but this one comes with a risk that is higher than most but without the potential benefits.

In fact, here's how it can work against you. By doing this on a regular basis:

  • Your fitness goals are not being supported.
  • You run the risk of taking yourself out of the gym while you heal up from an injury.
  • This can cause you to lose the progress you've been making as a result of other moves you've been completing successfully.

An American Kettlebell Swing Alternative

Instead of the American Kettlebell Swing, many trainers recommend sticking to the classic Russian Swing. This basic exercise may not seem as fancy, but it's something every man can include in his training for results with a reduced injury risk. It involves a natural yet explosive hip extension expression. This trains you for a key component of moves you'll use elsewhere in your active life, such as your stride while sprinting or any move involving a vertical leap.

If you find that the Russian Swing is easier to learn than the American Kettlebell Swing, you're not alone. You simply hold the kettlebell with both hands, activating your core and keeping your toes pointed just slightly outward. Bend your knees a little. From there, hinge at the waist while pushing your but back a bit, allowing the kettlebell's momentum to move between your thighs. Then, explosively stand and squeeze your glutes, allowing the kettelbell's momentum to swing upward and in front of you until your arms are parallel to the ground. That's it!

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