Friday, 28 March 2014 06:43

Strength Building with Pushups

There are a lot of different methods that can be used in order to build your strength. That said, when it comes to traditional strength building, the odds are that pushups aren’t the first things that pop into your mind. Instead, you likely picture yourself using the bench press as a part of a regimen of heavy weights.

While that type of method might be helpful, many bodybuilders are finding that they can also experience some considerable strength building benefits from using body weight exercise. One of the most commonly quoted stories when it comes to making a case for using pushups and body weight exercises to help to build strength is former college and NFL football player (and former professional mixed martial artist) Herschel Walker. He was the most conditioned athlete in the national football league and he stuck to a solid regimen of doing 1,000 pushups every day.

That said, to be able to use pushups for strength building, you will need to make sure that you are using this type of workout properly. The following are some helpful steps to make certain that pushups are playing the right role in your overall fitness program, depending on your goals.

Step 1 – Decide on your workout program. If you will be using pushups as a supplement exercise on top of other forms of daily workout, then do between 50 and 100 pushups per day. If you are seeking to use the technique specifically for strength training, do between 500 and 1,000 pushups in a day, but do them only every other day. Do not try to do that number of pushups every day or you will risk pulling a muscle or causing yourself another form of injury. You need the recovery time in between for the best and safest results.

Step 2 – Eat for strength building. Consume a good amount of protein, but not too much. To build and repair muscle, an adult should consume between 125 and 175 grams of protein on a daily basis.

Step 3 – Shake things up. Do variations on the exercises to make sure that your pushups remain effective. Beginners can do wrist pushups, incline pushups, and regular pushups. If you have more experience, you can add the Aztec, Hindu, and clapping forms of the exercise. You may also want to try doing the movements extremely slowly for the best possible results.

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