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Everyday Pain Relief Hacks for Work and Play

Do you find that you go above and beyond to complete every workout carefully and effectively and yet you still find yourself in pain? Does it feel like the more you follow your personal trainer's rules, the more you are leaning on hot/cold treatments and pain relievers to get you through your day? If so, you need pain relief hacks in your life. 

Maybe the problem isn't your workout. It is very important to ensure that you've completed each movement properly if you want to avoid injury. However, if you are doing that, you're not overdoing your workouts and you're not exercising too frequently, the source of the pain may not be your exercises. 

It could be that you have other habits throughout your life that are contributing to neck, back, shoulder and other kinds of pain.

Make sure to review your workout and discuss your symptoms with your personal trainer before exercising again. This can help you to rule out your workout. Then, between workouts, pay attention and watch for the following common habits that could be the actual culprits. Then follow the accompanying pain relief hacks. 

• Slouching over your computer – at least four times an hour, pay attention to your posture. Sit up, take a few slow breaths in and out to relax your muscles and roll your shoulders in large, backward circles, then roll them forward. Slowly roll your neck from one side forward to the other and back again (don't roll your head backward). This can ease muscle tension throughout your upper body that can occur when you are stressed or sitting with poor posture. By making this habit, you can stop the buildup of pain before it happens.

• You have chronic lower back pain – despite never having suffered an injury, to your knowledge, you feel like the lower back pain you feel is permanent. This is likely the result of sitting for far too long. Get up out of your chair a couple of times per hour, just for a few minutes. You can combine this time with your shoulder circles from the point above. Just take a minute or two to walk around, get yourself a refill of your water and stretch out your back. This will play a large role in easing lower back pain by improving the muscles that support your spine.

• Aching, creaking and popping knees – this could be a matter of excess weight you're carrying. If you're exercising regularly and are dropping the weight then you're going to make a difference with each workout. Be careful to take on workouts that won't strain your knees. If you have a swimming pool available to you, you're set. Keep in mind that every extra 10 pounds you carry adds 40 pounds of pressure to your knees with each step you take. So each pound of excess weight that you lose will be like a gift to those joints.

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