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Top Tips to Strengthen Your Legs Faster

When you want to build strong, lean muscle to be fitter, more powerful or burn more calories, you're in luck. Large lower body muscles are among the fastest to build. From the waist down, you have around 200 muscles. This includes the largest muscle on your whole body – the gluteus maximus, your backside.

But if you want to really build your lower body strength for great looking, strong legs, you have to move! The more you get your lower half moving, the faster you'll strengthen those muscles. Just make sure to give yourself enough recovery time between intense workouts.

Need more help than that? Use these awesome leg strengthening tips to speed up your results.

• Focus on your weakness – You, like everyone else, have a weaker side and a stronger side. Begin your efforts by working your weaker side. You'll do both sides equally, of course. However, if you start your workouts on your weaker side, you'll give it the most oomph while your energy levels are at their highest. This will help you to balance out your weaker and stronger sides. Most people give their stronger sides a better workout without realizing it.

• Become a ballerina – Think of your workout in a ballet-inspired way. Lunges, for example, are among the best exercises out there for leg toning. Do them in a ballet style and you'll get even more out of them. Your legs will improve both in strength and shape. Take a barre class to learn a range of ballet-like moves that will do wonders for your legs.

• Take the leap – If you want to bring your typical leg routine to a whole new level, start doing some moves that take you off the floor. Some top exercises include squat jumps, and single leg lateral ski hops. These moves add a bit of extra force to your moves and work your muscles differently.

• Don't forget cardio – Yes, it makes sense to focus on strength training when you want to be stronger. However, cardio still has its place. Use 45 to 60 minutes of low to moderate cardio activity to burn off fat in your lower half. This will complement your strength training efforts and give you a better overall look to your legs.

• Don't fall for miracle creams – Many people think that getting stronger legs and burning fat from the area can be done with creams. Cellulite creams don't work. Stop wasting your time, money and hopes that they will. Toss both them and the cellulite wraps (which only cause temporary water loss, not cellulite loss). Instead, take great care of your skin, massage your muscles and do your workouts!


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