Monday, 15 October 2018 00:00

Three Changes Your New Fall Fitness Plan Needs to Succeed

Fall is here, so it's time to adapt your fitness plan to suit the season. There are many things you're likely already doing that can carry over from summer to autumn. However, whenever you begin a new routine, especially when there will be new weather involved, it's important to make certain changes.

Use the following to make sure you're going to stay on track throughout your workout this season. These tips will also help you to make sure you'll get the best possible results and keep your performance where it should be.

  • Increase your challenge level – If you've been doing workouts with the same level of challenge throughout the entire summer, the odds are – if you've been doing them right – that you've made some progress. It's time to boost your level of challenge. With this change, you'll make sure that you will continue to progress forward with your fitness instead of hitting a plateau. It will also help to keep things interesting. When your workout gets too easy, you risk getting bored from it.
  • Track new goals – If you've been measuring steps until now, start measuring new factors. Depending on what tools you have available to you, such as the features in your fitness tracker, consider looking at your speed, distance, or even heart rate as a new goal to track. You may find that by using new tools and setting new goals, you'll see your workout in a whole new way. This can help you to get a lot more out of your exercises.
  • Gear up – Just because you had a couple of snappy workout outfits for the summer, it doesn't mean you're ready for the cooler weather. If your gear from last year is looking pretty sad, it's time to head out and get something new to wear. The way your clothes fit and perform makes a difference to how you feel and to your own performance every time you exercise. It's a worthwhile investment to make sure you have clothing that fits right and that is suited to the workouts you're doing the most.

By making these three changes this season, you'll help yourself to get more out of your workouts in terms of motivation, enjoyment and results. Your performance will soar and you'll find yourself looking forward to each new session. Don't forget that once this season is over and the winter begins, you'll be able to do it all again so you'll keep up your improvements over time.

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