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Will Smart Fitness Clothes Boost Your Training Results?

A few years ago, smart fitness clothes were a concept only seen in personal training in science fiction movies. That said, tech has come a long way in a few short years and now not only do these options exist, but they're becoming increasingly affordable, too.

Smart fitness clothes don't stop at fitness trackers built into wristbands and watches. You'll now find tech worked into full suits, yoga pants, tank tops and sports bras, among other things. While there is a huge price range for these types of items, some of the better brands are available for as little as $100, though prices do go into the thousands of dollars, depending on the brand you buy.

Smart fitness clothes work in different ways. While some may simply have a detachable pedometer built in, others are quite complex. This helps to explain why the concept hasn't yet gone mainstream beyond the ever-present fitness trackers.

Since this tech is relatively new and it isn't yet mainstream, most personal trainers aren't yet recommending them. They may be testing out one or two items for themselves, but it's often seen as too early to have favorites, particularly as they're not cheap. It's a very good idea for consumers to be careful to know that smart fitness clothes will live up to the hype surrounding them, before getting out their credit cards.

Still, there are some fun options out there and, as long as you don't plan to gear up with smart fitness clothes on your entire body, you may be able to pick one up if you think it really will help you. Among the best reviewed in this category are the Nadi X Yoga Pants. This is because they have been designed to provide people with personalized yoga feedback based on their performance and the positions they're using.

At the same time, while many of the people who have tried these yoga pants – which come with a price tag of well over $200 – it is clear that there is a learning curve at the start. Therefore, as long as you're committed to getting to know how to use this product for the first while, it may indeed be something you consider worthwhile. Just know that you won't be able to pop them on and receive perfect feedback after your first yoga session.

The Ambiotex Smart Tanktop has been attracting a lot of attention recently because it helps to measure a person's stress levels. It conducts regular stress tests every morning and then provides mental state feedback on a scale of 1 to 10. The idea is to use this feedback in order to make various changes to your life to help you to better cope with stress and maintain a more manageable level. That said, for nearly $300, most people are waiting for a tank top that will actually ease the stress for them!

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