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Importance of a Pre-Training Fitness Evaluation

Despite the value it has to offer your workout, and your health, the odds are that you’ve never had a pre-training fitness evaluation. The reason is that most people don’t. This is a shame as the difference it can make is a surprising one. This is the case regardless of whether or not the rest of your workouts will be guided by a personal trainer.

What is a Pre-Training Fitness Evaluation?

When it comes to starting a new workout or changing the one that you’re currently doing, there is a step that you may want to consider taking before you move ahead in what you are considering. That is a pre-training fitness evaluation test. This can consist of a number of different types of evaluations, depending on who is conducting them and why you would like to have one done. That said, the benefits are typically the same.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to have a pre-training fitness evaluation conducted, even if you already think that you know what you would like to do in your regular workouts.

The following are some of the reasons that this is the case:

You’ll Spot Your Strengths and Weaknesses

This is one of the most useful benefits as it helps you to determine where you are already excelling, and in which areas you will need some additional care and training. This can help you to avoid injury as well as to make sure that you are focusing your attention in the best possible directions so that you can achieve the best performance and the results that you are hoping to be able to obtain.

This benefit of a pre-training fitness evaluation helps you:

  • Perform better
  • Get faster results
  • Build confidence with the move
  • Avoid injury

You’ll Be Able to Track Your Progress

By undergoing pre-training fitness evaluations, you’ll have created an initial measurement that will show you your starting point. This way, if you undergo testing in the future, you will be able to see exactly which changes have occurred and where you will need to push yourself a little bit harder. You will also be able to see for certain whether or not you have been able to meet various goals in your training.

Use your baseline for various different parts of your fitness to see where you’re making the most gains. It will allow you to carefully customize and focus your efforts to push yourself where you need it the most. This way, you’re not just wondering how well you’re doing. You’ll know exactly how far you’ve come since your pre-training fitness evaluation.

You’ll Have Greater Incentive to Try Hard

It isn’t always easy to find all the motivation that you need to power through every workout. Having your testing numbers in your head and knowing where you’d like to be when the next round of testing comes around will give you the drive that you need to push yourself just a little bit harder and to work to improve, even when you’d rather just give it a rest for a day.

After all, who wants to think that they haven’t progressed since their initial pre-training fitness evaluation? Or, worse, who wants to allow their great progress to slip backward? Nobody wants to lose the results of all the hard work. When you know the specifics of your progress and can measure them, it’s a great motivator!

You’ll Identify Your Talents

Based on your initial tests and the results that you receive from follow up tests, you’ll be able to identify areas where you have natural talent, and where you are most likely to excel. This may mean that you’ll know where you want to focus so you can truly stand out in that area. You may even want to start taking a class or competing in that area.

Alternately, your pre-training fitness evaluation can help you to see where you should be doing more work in order to create a more well-rounded result. After all, if you’re excelling in one area, it’s all well and good to keep it up, but for a true challenge, you can work on those areas where you have the most struggle or where results are toughest.

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