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Great Exercises to Make Up for That Extra Snacking

When you have that extra slice of pizza at dinner or you go a little bit nuts with extra snacking, it's easy to feel guilty. Especially if you've been doing a great job at keeping your diet on the right track and sticking to your workout plan. Fortunately there are some quick exercises that you can do to burn through the extra calories you take in every once and a while when temptation is just a bit too strong.

Keep in mind that the occasional little bit of extra snacking won't do any real harm to your fitness or weight maintenance program. However, if you are overeating on a regular basis, then you will not only need to work on your relationship with food but you might also benefit with some quick workouts that will offset some of those excess calories.

These exercises are meant to help you burn through a hundred or so calories in a short period of time. This can help to balance off a little bit of overeating at snack time. These exercises are not, on the other hand, designed to help you to justify eating half a cheesecake all in one sitting. If you decide to dive into that delectable treat with a portion size meant for three or four people, no quick fix is going to give you the results you want.

Instead, these quick workouts can burn off the calories from that candy bar you bought at the vending machine or the extra chips you decided to eat while you were watching a favorite movie.

The following calorie burning rates are based on an average person who weighs 175 pounds. Keep in mind that your calorie burn may be greater or lower depending on a number of factors.

• Using the elliptical for 20 minutes – 126 calories
• Kickboxing for 10 minutes – 119 calories
• Running at 6mph on the treadmill for 10 minutes – 110 calories
• Swimming (breast stroke) for 20 minutes – 126

As you can see, if you take on an intense cardio workout for just 10 or 20 minutes, you'll be able to burn through that brownie you had for dessert or even that extra whipped cream you added to your coffee this morning on a whim. While it doesn't mean you can make a habit of these little extra treats, it does mean that there is a quick and easy way to burn off those extra snacking calories, giving you a bit of wiggle room when you want to.

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