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Foods that Sabotage Your Running Performance

The right training plays a vital role in your running performance, but so does the food you eat. If you choose the wrong meals and snacks on your running days, you may be holding yourself back. In fact, you could be doing measurable damage to your ability to reach your full potential.

Every runner has his or her own nutrition needs. Every person’s body has its unique requirements. That said, overall, there are certain rules of thumb that can be important to remember.

The next time you’re deciding what you’ll be eating a half hour before, immediately before and after your run, keep the following in mind. They will sabotage just about any running performance.

Foods that Sabotage Running Performance Include...

Carbonated drinks

Soda, even just carbonated water, can not only cause discomfort during your run, but it can force you to burp throughout your workout. Try to leave your hydration options to non-fizzy drinks, especially before you put on your shoes. If you must have something carbonated, wait until you’re done running.

Bread, pancakes, muffins and other bready baked foods

If you crave carbs following a workout, try not to hit up the nearest waffle house. Diving into white sugar and white flour based foods can set your running performance behind the next time because it will make your weight harder to manage. Moreover, these foods are relatively low on the nutrition scale, will cause your blood sugar to spike and will negate any calorie burn you achieved.

Sports drinks

You may see your favorite athletes chugging this stuff during a game, but when it comes to your run, there are far better options. This is particularly true for shorter runs or the ones you do on a routine basis. Leave the sports drinks to the marathons you’re running because it’s pretty much the only options you have. Yes, the electrolytes are good, but they’re also packed with sugar. Many are also loaded with chemicals. Look for a healthier option to fuel your body and rehydrate you.

Pay attention to the way you feel during and after your run. This will help you to understand the way your body responds to the foods you’ve chosen. Moreover, remember that too much of anything won’t work before or after a run.

Once you discover what works for you, all you need to do is stick to it. That will help you to keep on track and get your best running performance every time. For even more energy to deliver your best performance with every run, try an energizing supplement. Choosing one from this list of the best diet pills of 2018 will ensure you get the most from the product you choose. 


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