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Chair Yoga is a Great Way for Seniors to Enjoy Exercise

Seniors Chair Yoga Seniors Chair Yoga

Exercise can be a challenging subject for many seniors. They know how important it is to be active. They want to be active, but if you have limited mobility, a bad back, a sore hip, a painful shoulder, that goal is easier said than done.

For this reason, chair yoga has become very popular and the more seniors discover it, the more popular it becomes. The poses are gentle and are typically focused on using the hands for balance. It includes a number of arm and leg movements, but is mainly done while sitting down, or while standing and using the chair to keep balance.

This makes chair yoga a gentle but helpful option for building both upper and lower body strength and flexibility. Furthermore, it is also good for helping to build balance. Balance is just as important as strength and can help to prevent falls. Among people over the age of 65, falls are a leading cause of injury and can even be fatal. By naturally equipping the body to avoid falls, serious injuries, the need for long-term care, or even fatal accidents can be avoided.

Chair yoga classes are popping up all over cities in urban and suburban areas. People are taking the classes but also use the moves they learn while they're at home. After all, they aren't limited to the classroom when it comes to practicing their various chair yoga poses. By doing the exercises more frequently, they enjoy the opportunity to build even greater strength and balance than if they limited their yoga sessions exclusively to their classes.

These moves don't need a lot of space and can be easily achieved while listening to music or watching TV. As a result, many of the classes find that once their participants begin, they will return for future classes, as well. They don't just sign up for a single series of classes but will keep coming back because they enjoy the experience and the chance to learn new moves they can practice at home.

It's important to learn chair yoga from a certified yoga instructor. It may be a gentler version of the practice, but it is still wise to ensure you know the proper poses in order to gain the most benefit while also avoiding injury.

Beyond the fact that chair yoga is an achievable type of exercise for many seniors, yoga itself can play a highly beneficial role in healthy aging. It can preserve muscle mass, control weight, regulate stress, improve balance and provide a calm, pleasant social experience.

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