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Beat the Post-Workout Binge

Workouts are fantastic for your health, your looks, and making you feel great. Unfortunately, all too often, they also lead us to feel an unbelievable feeling of starvation, nearly immediately afterward, too. Research has shown that after a good workout, people have a tendency to want to reward themselves with large portions of rich foods. This is the post-workout binge. If you're doing this, then it could mean that you're not only eating back all the calories that you've burned, but that you may even be eating even more than what you just worked off.

While there isn't anything wrong with having an appropriate snack to fill the void after you get back from the gym, the key is to ensure that it is something that will satisfy you and yet still allow you to continue to aim at your goals, instead of setting you back even further than you were before you put on the cross trainers. Eliminating that post-workout binge will help you to achieve success with your exercise program. 

The following tips can help you to avoid the post-workout binge that has been stopping you from reaching your goals:

Do your workouts before you eat – if you find that you're always hungry enough for a meal right after you exercise, then make your eating habits make sense. Schedule your workout directly before you would eat, anyway. That way your refueling is a matter of eating calories that you'd already be consuming.

Make your workout more fun – if you have a blast during your workout, then you won't feel as inclined to give yourself a reward, afterward. The workout will be rewarding enough.

Drink milk – right after your workout, have a glass of low fat milk. Even chocolate milk will do if you don't like the taste of white milk. Just make sure that you go easy on the syrup. Chocolate milk can be loaded in sugars that you'd be better off avoiding. The protein in milk can help to tide you over until your next snack or meal, or can at least help to dull the hunger levels so that you'll be more prepared to make smart choices.

Eat a protein and carbohydrate combination – choose a healthy snack in advance that will give you carbs for rapid satiation of your hunger and protein for an ongoing feeling of fullness.

Don't base decisions on your tracker – whether you have a pedometer, a fitness band, a smartwatch, or even an app on your cell phone, keep in mind that the calorie burning rates that they record are based on averages and not your actual achievements. The odds are that they are running higher than what is actually going on in your body.

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