Friday, 17 April 2015 23:47

Why Women Should Swim More: Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a wonderful exercise, but many women don't realize how good it truly is for them and how many benefits of swimming there really are. There are a full range of benefits that can be gained from swimming and that are overlooked all too frequently.

Check out the following list of benefits of swimming that women can enjoy as a result of doing it on a regular basis, and you'll find yourself wanting to dive in much more frequently.

• It provides both strength training and a cardio workout – Most types of exercise are one or the other, but swimming offers women both. You're moving all the time to keep your blood pumping, but the resistance provided by the water (which is about 800 times more than air) also helps to give muscles a gentle workout.

• It's easy on the joints – If you have bad knees, bad hips, or have suffered an injury to another one of your joints – or if you are simply out of shape – then swimming can provide you with results without the same type of strain on your joints that other common forms of exercise (such as walking and cycling, for example) can often provide.

• It's fantastic for the respiratory system – When you swim on a regular basis, your body actually adapts for a more efficient use of oxygen. Since you need to hold your breath a lot, while you are still being active, the body adjusts to make the most of the oxygen that it is taking in. The result can be improved respiration and better overall cardiovascular health, including lower blood pressure due to the reduction in strain on many major organs.
• It improves your overall athletic performance – Since swimming improves your oxygen use and exercises a broad range of muscles in your body, it can be very helpful in improving your training and performance for other sports such as cycling and running.

• It reduces stress and anxiety – This is a type of exercise that is known to be a top endorphin producer. If you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, or if you just want to be more positive overall, then this type of workout can be great for keeping a smile on your face and relieving the symptoms that come with many forms of emotional strain. This is on of the benefits of swimming that can be life changing. 

• It reaches muscles you forgot you had – Swimming really is a whole body workout. You aren't just using your legs or your arms or your core. You're using them all at once. Moreover, you're not just using specific muscles in your various body parts. You use most of them. This can help you access muscles that you barely use for anything else in your life.

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