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Getting Back Into Running After Having a Baby

If you've been running for a while, then you might be very keen to get back into it after having had to slow it down during your pregnancy – or give it up altogether for several months. Getting back into it isn't something can be rushed and it is a process that is different for every new mom.

The first step is to remember that you can't start too early. For many women, both physical and emotional changes – not to mention significant lifestyle changes – require a number of months of acclimatizing. Often, this can mean half a year to a year of becoming accustomed to things and feeling like you again. After all, your body is changed, you have all new priorities and your days look very different. It's easy for running to be pushed way down on your list.

That said, once you're ready to get back into it, it's important to open your mind to a new experience. While many women work their way into running the same way they did before having a baby, others find that postpartum running is a very different experience.

Just don't think that you'll be able to pick up close to where you left off. The odds are that the feeling will be far closer to starting over than to "getting back into it." While it's always good to challenge yourself, don't push yourself too hard at the start. Work up to running again and build from there. Take on this sport as though you're new to it – you just happen to have some experience and knowledge about it.

Next, realize that running with a stroller is possible, and you can love it. In fact, many women become quite attached to running with a stroller. As you work your way up to the point that brisk walking simply isn't enough, jogging with your stroller will show you that it can be a great experience. It gives you the chance to share this beloved activity with your baby! Sure, you're not going to get up to the same speed you once did and you may not be able to go the same distance, but it will be just as rewarding.

In fact, you might start to discover that it is the experience of running that will become important to you, as opposed to the pace you can achieve. Running will give you some time for yourself; time to breathe; and time to do something active that you can share with your little one.

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