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Your Own Personal Mexican Villa Fitness Retreat

If you're looking for a way to enjoy the perfect rejuvenating vacation, consider renting your own personal Mexican villa to use as a kind of fitness retreat. Even if you've never done anything like this before, you are certain to be pleasantly surprised with the difference it can make to your relaxation and overall feeling of wellbeing.

After all, choosing the right vacation rentals in Mexico and combining that with the peaceful fulfillment of doing yoga by the seaside can provide you with a luxury retreat unlike anything else you've ever experienced.

Need more convincing? Imagine waking up in a warm but comfortable paradise where the natural vegetation is lush and vibrant. You'll hear the sound of the waves because your luxury villa is located right on the water, and your personal chef is already making your breakfast – and will make another major meal for you that day, too.

Before your breakfast, however, you can head out to the beach to practice yoga with the freshly rising sun. There is nothing like doing yoga right on the water. In fact, research even supports the claim that being near to the sea has a range of benefits. It can reduce your stress levels, boost your creativity and enhance your overall health and wellness. All this, just by being close to a body of salt water.

Now, consider the benefits of practicing yoga. They're very similar. When you bring yoga and the seaside together, you amplify the benefits of each.

The following are yoga benefits when practiced on the seaside:

• Increased creativity and relaxation – While the mind relaxes, it also achieves a better overall focus, allowing the creative process to flow more naturally and openly. It allows you to gain inspiration from your surroundings instead of being distracted by them.

• Enhanced immune system – When you're outside by the sea, you breathe fresh air with higher amounts of ozone and iodine in it. This supports a strong immune system, as does doing yoga as a whole.

• Stronger core and leg muscles – Doing yoga on sand causes the body to have to work harder, strengthening the large muscle groups even more than would be the case on regular flooring. The shifting sands also strengthen secondary muscles in the hips, shoulders, knees and feet.

The next time you book a vacation, do your mental and physical health a favor and visit to find out exactly where you want to book your trip. You'll be amazed at how luxurious a healthy lifestyle can be.

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