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Top 3 Weight Loss Yoga YouTube Videos for You to Check Out

No matter the reason you’re at home, weight loss yoga YouTube channels can give you a fantastic advantage in promoting health, body positivity and completing your wellness strategy. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain it or has nothing to do with the bathroom scale, there is a channel for you on this most popular streaming platform in the world.

The majority of yoga YouTube channels won’t focus specifically on weight loss.  That said, this doesn’t mean that the sessions they share won’t help you to complete your overall wellness strategy if one of your goals is to adjust your body mass.

Yoga YouTube Channels to Check Out on Your Weight Loss Journey

You may find that one of these yoga YouTube channels speaks to you or you might like to hop among all three along your journey to weight loss.  Try to focus on their benefits to your body and mind as opposed to the difference they make in how much you weigh.  Remember that the true advantage you’ll find from practicing yoga is in improving your relationship with your body. You’ll enhance your flexibility, support your mental health, build better balance, increase your strength, prevent injuries in your other more active workouts, and feel better overall.

The Journey Junkie

The Journey Junkie is a yoga YouTube channel featuring certified teacher Allie Flavio.  She is both experienced and interesting.  Her videos focus on intentions, creativity, positivity and passion. Without a specific focus on weight loss, it does encourage viewers to adopt a wellness-focused lifestyle that includes more than the occasional yoga session. The channel offers extensive lists of tutorials and guided meditations with clear instructions and a format that is simple to follow.

Anahata Yoga from the Heart

The Anahata Yoga from the Heart yoga YouTube channel was born of necessity.  Certified instructor and singer Sarah Melody launched it for expanded at-home offerings to her community during the COVID-19 coronavirus stay-at-home orders. While live streaming certain classes, she recorded various sessions to build a channel to reach a wider audience who may also benefit from practicing yoga during lockdowns.  Again, this channel does not have a focus on weight loss but greatly spotlights self-kindness, self-love, genuine self-expression and honoring one’s truth. This channel has a limited but rapidly growing and widely varied video offering featuring Melody as well as other certified instructors.

Yoga with Tim

Yoga with Tim is a YouTube channel created and hosted by Tim Senesi.  The approach to this class does not focus on weight loss, but it does respect and support body goals in an open-minded, inspiring and soulful way.  These sessions are designed to help yogis to better understand their own bodies.  The classes are calming and lighthearted.

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