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Top Fitness Gadgets to Use in 2017

If fitness is on your resolution list this year, then you are going to want to start looking at the tech section of your favorite store. The reason is that the top fitness gadgets of 2017 are all about technology. Whether you are someone who just loves to walk every day or someone who barely leaves the gym, your wish list is certain to contain a gadget.

The following are some of the top fitness gadgets of 2017 for fitness lovers everywhere:

• For the runner – A Polar M400 GPS Watch. This wearable technology was made specifically with the runner in mind. It has GPS routine, smart coaching, traditional activity tracking and more. Runners will love the features that are meant precisely for their needs.

• For the bodybuilder – If you're a gym buff, you will absolutely love the GYMWATCH sensor. Regardless of whether you are using free weights, machines or your own bodyweight to train, this technology is capable of both measuring and tracking it. It offers coaching in real-time to continually allow the user to improve throughout the session.

• For the tennis player – The Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer is a fantastic option for tennis players at any skill level. It conducts a full tennis swing analysis and offers feedback through a wireless sync with a smartphone or tablet. Instead of being worn as a smartwatch, this device attaches directly to the base of the racket.

• For the adrenaline junkie – Are you a surfer, snowboarder, cyclist or rock climber? A GoPro Hero4 is the smallest version of this point-of-view adventure cam. It comes with a mounting system that is very easy to use and a durable waterproof design that will make sure the user will always get great footage without risking the device in the process.

• For the athlete who takes good care of his/her body – A Hyperice Vyper Foam Roller Massager is a fantastic way to relax muscles, boost flexibility and performance, ease tightness and prevent injury. Unlike traditional foam rollers, this one has a vibrating feature to ensure the massage accesses deep into the muscle tissues.

• For the motivated athlete – Nothing keeps you going better than an awesome soundtrack. With Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, you won't miss a beat and will always have the drive you need to power through the next workout.

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