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Tips to Stay in Shape While Away on Spring Break

Spring Break season is here and many of us are heading away on winter vacations. Whether your plan is to escape to somewhere balmy where you can spend some time in the warm weather and sun, or whether you're off on an adventure vacation, you likely don't want to come home heavier and behind in your fitness.

In fact, staying in shape while on vacation is a rapidly rising travel trend. Regardless of where you're going, it is possible to enjoy yourself on your trip and still keep up your fitness level. Even if your intention is just to rest and relax the entire time, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't move around at all. In fact, if you plan to truly rest and relax, then you might find that being regularly active will make you more effective at it.

How? It's not hard at all. Even if all you want to do is spend your days on the beach. Staying fit while you're on vacation doesn't mean that you need to spend half of every day at your resort's fitness center (although if they do have a gym, it doesn't hurt to check it out). Instead, you can just adapt some of your typical workouts so that they fit into your day, your plans and even the amount of space you have in your hotel room.

Consider the beach. It's a perfect place to get a bit of exercise while still enjoying yourself in the sun in a relaxing way. The added challenge presented by walking on sand means that you don't need to go nearly as far or workout for as long to get the same amount of fitness benefit. So take a brisk walk, jog or run down the beach in one direction, then stroll your way back. By the time you return to where you want to be, the breeze will have cooled you off again, and you'll be ready to relax. Plus, with those natural endorphins from moving around, you'll be better able to really get some quality chill time.

If you want to stay in shape, you should also pay attention to what you're eating. Aim to eat at least one extremely healthy meal per day. Usually, breakfast offers an easy choice for that meal. Then, try to come as close as you can to eating a balanced, healthy meal at least one more time per day. Then, if you eat a little more richly in your third meal of the day, at least you know you've done well during the other two.

Try to do something active every day, even if you do spend the majority of your time at the spa, relaxing on the beach or doing something else that is sedentary. You'll be better able to relax if you do. You'll have a better likelihood of sleeping well at night and keeping stress and anxiety away.

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