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The Newest form of Adventure Travel Trend Involves Walking Everywhere You Visit

This year's top adventure travel trend is one that is open to far more travelers than many past fads. In this case, being adventurous means putting on some fantastic walking or hiking shoes and heading across a new place on foot, instead of driving or taking a train or bus. This trend is being applauded as a great way to keep fit both mentally and physically while you're away.

Even better? While you're taking part in this adventure travel trend, you'll see lots of sites and experience many things you wouldn't from inside another mode of transportation. Then, when you get home, you'll be able to enjoy the fact that you've done something great for your mental and physical fitness level.

How to Take Part in the Walking Adventure Travel Trend

As long as you're spending lots of time on foot while you're away, you're already one of the many people who are enjoying the new walking adventure travel trend. Of course, this doesn't just mean walking down the street to get on the bus. It means you'll likely be spending a large portion of your day walking around.

For example, where you'd normally take a bus or trolley tour, you take a walking tour instead. Where you'd normally drive from one site to the next, you find out how to get there on foot, instead. Some people consider their adventures more strictly – that is, they can only walk while they're away – while others take a more limited approach.

How to Prepare for this Walking Adventure Travel Trend

Like all forms of adventure travel trend, a walking vacation takes some preparation. Fortunately, it doesn't usually take as much to get ready as something more extreme.

Start by making sure you have the right gear. Try to decide what type of walking your version of this adventure travel trend will involve. If you'll be in the city most of the time, a great pair of walking shoes will typically be enough. On the other hand, if you'll be headed off the pavement, a good pair of hiking boots may be a better option. Take the time to wear the shoes for at least a couple of weeks ahead of the trip to break them in and make sure they fit you properly and won't rub blisters.

Next, consider how much walking you plan to do and if you're physically fit enough to do it. It's all well and good to want to leap into this adventure travel trend, but if you end up injuring yourself on the first day, it won't be very much fun. Consider planning your trip around your fitness level, or – if you have a lot of time before your departure – take the opportunity to train to improve your fitness level at home so you'll be ready to get the most out of your adventures while you're away.

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