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High Flying Fitness in Trampoline Workouts

These days, when you head to the gym, the odds are that you're not just going to see a generic "aerobics" class anymore. There was a time when that's what you looked for. That time is gone. Now there are tons of options. You can do all sorts of circus-like tricks, various forms of yoga, dance-based cardio, workouts based on martial arts and, yes, trampoline workouts.

Making Exercise Fun

If you want a fantastic, fun way to get fit in a low-impact way, head to your local gym and see if it offers classes for trampoline workouts. Jumping feels great, it's fun, and it provides your muscles with a phenomenal workout. At the same time, your heart gets pumping and your breathing picks up.

Trampoline workouts are often called "rebounding" workouts. If you're looking for a class, pay attention to that alternative name on the list if you don't see trampolines listed as such. Rebounding involves the use of small, personal-sized trampolines that also typically have a handrail to hold on to. This helps to keep you in place during some of the more enthusiastic moves.

Are Trampoline Workouts for You?

Still wondering whether or not you should try a rebounding workout on a trampoline? Consider these additional benefits you can experience:

Low-Impact Workout

Other than swimming, people who need to take it easy on their joints don't have a huge number of options for a great cardio workout. That said, when you're rebounding, a lot of the strain from gravity is eliminated and you can get that workout without suffering from the lower back, foot or ankle strain you otherwise would. This lets you give your major muscle groups a great workout without having your joints pay for it.

Supports a Healthy Immune System

Getting a good cardio workout on a regular basis helps to support the body's lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the source of the white blood cells that are the core of the disease fighting portion of the immune system. A great workout helps to make sure the blood – and white blood cells – circulate thoroughly throughout the body. Raised circulation in this way helps to improve immune response, potentially keeping you healthier.

Helps You Enjoy Exercise

This type of workout is a combination of focusing, working hard, being self-aware, and having a great time! At the same time that you're using your muscles and getting a workout, you're having a blast and bouncing around like a kid. This helps to create a positive association with physical activity.

Boosts Bone Mass and Strengthens the Skeletal System as a Whole

Research has shown that when the bones experience boosted G force.  This increase in G force occurs during rebounding. As a result, your trampoline workout can reduce your risk of fractures, broken bones and even shin splints. Taking care of your bone density can also help to reduce your risk of osteoporosis.  Equally, it strengthens tendons, ligaments and joints, which can reduce the risk of some kinds of arthritis.  By preventing osteoporosis and arthritis, you’ll help yourself to remain fit over time. This will help you to know you’ll keep your weight loss results over time.

Better Balance and Posture

Rebounding workouts can help to stimulate your middle ear’s vestibule.  This actually has an automatic impact on improving balance. This makes it easier to exercise more effectively whether during your trampoline workout or anything else. It also helps to reduce your risk of injury.

Improves Your Muscle to Fat Ratio

Trampoline exercises help you to build muscle while you burn fat.  This helps to improve your overall fat to muscle ratio.  This is particularly effective in the abdomen, legs, thighs, hips, and arms. 

It’s easy to see why a trampoline workout is an increasing trend.  It helps to achieve both short term and long-term weight loss and fitness goals. Since the activity is also fun, it makes it a great combination of an enjoyable workout and exercises that will get you great results.

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