Friday, 31 July 2015 21:34

Active Seniors Have a Greater Love for Life

Fantastic news for adults over the age of 50! The more active you are, the more likely you are to have a true lust for life, to feel great, and to enjoy retirement once it finally comes your way. Exercise and physical activity not only protect you against certain common forms of health decline that are associated with age, but they help you to stay energized, think more clearly, maintain flexibility, and simply do more without risking fatigue or injury.

Exercise on a regular basis give your body what it needs to continue to take on life at full throttle, and love every minute of it. It's for this reason that people aged 50 and over are being advised to either continue their active lifestyle, or to start one up for the first time.

This doesn't mean that you need to hit the gym for a high intensity workout every day. A moderate intensity physical activity is all you need on a regular basis to help you to live longer, reduce the risk of health problems, ease some of the ones that may already have developed, and feel better overall.

Regular fitness appropriate exercise can, for example, help you to keep cholesterol levels under control, it can keep your blood pressure within the healthy range, it can reduce the chance of hardening arteries, as well as the risk of stroke and heart attack. It also improves your tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, and even bones as it provides you with better balance and flexibility while increasing your protection against osteoporosis. It may even help to reduce your chances of certain cancers.

That said, you don't just benefit on a physical level. When your doctor tells you that you'll feel better, overall, it's also because your mental and emotional health will benefit from regular workouts. Research study after research study are showing that people over the age of 50 who are active are happier, have a reduced risk of depression, and aren't as likely to suffer from dementia. Among those who do end up with dementia, those who are regularly physically active can slow or even halt its progression, particularly when it is combined with healthy eating.

Even sleep is better among people who are active on a regular basis, and while you may not sleep for more hours than you had been, the quality of the sleep will drastically improve, leaving you more rested with a stronger immune system, and ready to face every day head-on.

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