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How to Get Energized Before a Workout

Are you energized before a workout?  When you have to exercise, one of the most important things with which you need to arm yourself is energy. Many people mistakenly believe that fitness is the key to making it easier to be active. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to be fit. However, if you’re fatigued or dragging, that will make it much harder than being out of shape.

Why Focus on Powering Up Before Your Workout Session?

You need to be energized before a workout.  After all, if you don’t have energy, then you don’t have:

 - Motivation to get it done

 - Drive to do your best

 - What it takes to really get the most out of your time and effort

So it’s up to you to make sure that you’re energized before every workout.  This is the case regardless of how long your day might have been.  You also need to charge yourself up no matter how much you would rather just crash on the couch for a few hours.

Without properly fueling up for energy during workouts, you'll likely feel some or all of the following...

 - Thirst

 - Dizziness

 - Light headedness

 - Nausea

 - Fatigue

Energized Workout Tips You’ll Love

To boost your pre-workout energy levels, use the following tips to help you out.

Motivate Yourself 

Yes, you need energy to get motivated, but you can also use motivation to boost your energy. In fact, this technique works even when you have been feeling fatigued.  Think about it: if you can dig up some good quality motivation, then you can push yourself to get moving and keep moving.

With the right motivation, you might be able to fill yourself with exactly the level of energy you need to power through your entire program. This strategy for an energized workout is cheap, easy, simple, and extremely effective. Find out what motivates you and work with that every time you’re headed to the gym. You’ll discover that you’ll be happier about going to exercise in the first place, and you’ll perform better, too.

Music and Video 

Music and videos can also provide you with a lot of drive. A lot of people find that bringing their music to the gym and training to the right beat is the trick.  Creating the perfect playlist and listening to it before and during your exercises can help you to get charged up enough to keep up the pace.

If you find that you need something visual and not just sound, a TV show or movie might be your option.  Many people find that they like to watch video that boosts them up so that they can keep pushing forward and give every movement everything they have. It’s best to find something that will keep you thoroughly distracted so you won’t feel the passage of time. 


According to the results of a reputable, large study, the caffeine in coffee can help to charge you up for a workout, too.  Though you may have previously tried to get energized before a workout with energy drinks or soda, coffee is typically a better option. The reason is that if you drink black coffee without sugar, you won’t get the hit of sugar and calories you get with energy drinks and pop.

Research shows that coffee can help you to build up your energy without having to work against your calorie restrictions for the day.  Moreover, because energy drinks and pop often contain both sugar and stimulants, you’re at risk of a sugar crash later on.  If you want to use this technique, simply brew a cup so you’ll have it ready to drink a half hour before your workout will begin.

Eating Right

Putting the right nutrients into your body will help each of your muscles and organs to work at their best so that you will be able to use them the most efficiently. Before a workout, to energize yourself, use very healthy foods that provide a rapid boost of energy. Fruits such as watermelon, banana, pineapple, mango, etc, can give you a blast of nutrition and fiber, as well as a touch of hydration on top of it.

The fresher the fruits, the better off you’ll be. Grains are also a great way to increase your energy levels. So if you want to really give your body something great, try a bowl of multigrain cereal with fresh fruit and skim milk. This will keep your blood sugar levels in a stable place while increasing your energy levels very quickly.


Drink lots of water. You’ll lose 4 to 8 cups of water through sweat while you workout. Make sure that you’ve given your body lots of water in advance so that it has something to lose. Keep hydrating throughout your workout.

You should also know the symptoms of dehydration.  They include:

Do what you can to prevent those symptoms in the first place.  This will help you to stay charged up, focused, alert and feeling your best so you’ll give your best energized workout performance, too.

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