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What to Say to People Who Say Yoga Isn’t a Great Workout

It's easy to just want to say "you're wrong" when people tell you that yoga doesn't give your body a great workout. However, that really doesn't share very much information. It certainly isn't enough to inform someone who thinks they're right. Instead of getting your back up when someone tells you your favorite workout isn't a workout at all, consider using one of the following great responses.

• Ask if they've ever tried a great session – A half hour or even an hour yoga class can be very challenging and use an entire body's worth of muscles. In fact, many great yoga sessions will leave you with a great sweat, too. It may not be fast moving, but it can sure work up a sweat. If they haven't tried it before, welcome them to join you for a class. Alternately, snap a selfie after your next yoga session to show how tough these workouts can really be.

• Talk about the amazing core workout you get – In many strength training classes, holding a plank for a minute or two is the ultimate core muscle workout. That said, many yoga sessions are filled with moves that challenging, repeated and held over and over again. That plank will turn into a downward facing dog, then return to a plank again, right before you set yourself up for the boat pose.

• Holding the poses challenges your major muscle groups – In other workouts, the key is in the type of motions you're completing. In yoga, the key is in the poses you hold. They're very specific, they challenge your muscles, and you need to hang onto them for what can sometimes feel like far beyond what your body is capable of doing. These workouts can give you very powerful legs, arms core, back and shoulder muscles.

• Yoga is a workout of the mind and body together – Yoga poses may challenge the muscles, but they are also designed to work on precision, breathing, focus, and many other factors that work your mind at the same time as your body. This leaves you feeling differently after a yoga workout than you do after other forms of exercise. You have challenged your body but mentally, you feel strengthened as well.

• It's its own form of resistance training – These workouts use your own body weight to help you to strength train. In this way, you're always using the perfect amount of weight to suit your own muscles' needs.

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